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Most fly problems occur from November through to March.

Their rapid population increase as weather warms is due to their reliance on higher temperatures to allow development, their rapid life cycle and large egg laying capacity.

Your pest management technician will apply a vapour-like spray to surfaces where flies are likely to rest. This spray has a no or low odour, and will not stain. Your technician may also place lures or other forms of fly management at your property.

Home owners can increase the benefit of the pest management treatments for flies by removing odours that attract flies such as compost bins and some fertilisers and reducing breeding sites by maintaining well mown lawns and pruning tree branches that are less than one metre from the ground. It is also important to cover food, especially outside

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Borer Control

Borer in your timber? We can treat for borer all year round.

The application of a wood infestation specific insecticide will give excellent results. Enviropro Pest Management offers certification of treatments. We will come and survey your property and provide a written quote. Contact us for this free service.

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Enviropro Pest Management are experts in exterminating these annoying and potentially dangerous pests

Your Pest Manager will treat the problem at its source - the nest. Our speciailised product and equipment will ensure that the active ingredient is distributed throughout the nest. Depending on the size of the nest, the knockdown time can be as little a 60 minutes.

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Silverfish, Carpet Beetles

Eliminate these household pests

Avoid damage to carpet, furnishings, clothing, books and storage boxes. Contact us for more information on our specific treatments.

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Birds are known to carry over 50 diseases and encourage other pests such as blowflies, fleas, ticks and mites.

There are a range of different options to control nuisance birds. Your Pest Manager will recommend the most appropriate solution for your problem.

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Bed Bugs

The aim of the treatment by your Pest Manager is simple.

All harbourages must be located, treated and eliminated. We will come and survey your property and provide a written quote. Contact us for this free service.

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