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At Enviropro, we use a revolutionary new ant control product which is non-repellent, which means the ants never know it’s there, and cannot react to it or avoid it.

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Protect against ant disturbance

Ants on their routine travels to and from your home, can pick up the product and spread it to other ants throughout their colony.

After our experienced pest manager conducts a thorough inspection of your home, our ant control treatment is applied outside your home along the exterior foundation walls to create a treated area of protection. This is not a “barrier” (barrier repellents can actually trap ants inside your home). On the contrary, because our product is completely undetectable, ants can’t avoid it. Instead, they will walk right through it – which is exactly what we want them to do. We will also apply a MicroMist treatment to the interior of your home to protect against ant disturbance to the inside of the house.

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The Transfer Effect™

Our new product utilises a unique process called the Transfer Effect™ to affect entire populations of ants, even if many of them never make direct contact with a treated area.

When ants make contact the product they carry it on their bodies and pass it on to any ants they subsequently come into contact with. Those ants pass it on to more ants, who continue the process of transferring the active product throughout the ants’ nest

Most homeowners don’t realise that “do-it-yourself” ant control efforts can actually make things worse. Over-the-counter sprays are repellent and can cause a phenomenon called “budding,” where ants separated from the parent nest and queen, will actually start brand new colonies. For the best and most effective control of ants, we recommend application only by one of our professional pest control technicians.

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