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Enviropro provides a unique fly, insect, and spider control program for excellent results. We use 'people friendly' products approved for use in hospitals, food premises and homes.

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We call this a PestFree treatment

We combine a fly, insect, and spider treatment together into one comprehensive application to give optimum results.

Environmentally friendly.

Our unique PestFree treatment includes an interior water-based MicroMist application. We use a ‘soft’ product which is a very fine vapour-like spray which will adhere to upper wall and ceiling surfaces and around door and window trim, etc.

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Why choose PestFree

Our unique PestFree treatment provides instant knockdown.

We apply a robust exterior spray that can stand up to the weather, to all the wall surfaces as well as soffits, decking, and other structures such as verandahs, carports, etc. Our unique PestFree treatment provides an instant knockdown of most flying and crawling insects/spiders as well as residing on the surfaces to kill any bugs that come into contact with it after the time of treatment.

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