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Are you frustrated with cockroaches? We guarantee a professional, effective and safe pest control service for your home or business.

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Exterminate Cockroaches

Cockroaches are predominantly tropical and subtropical. A number of species have, with the aid of commerce, dispersed worldwide, exploiting building environments for food and shelter. Many such environments provide year-round warmth, food and shelter, which may support literally thousands of cockroaches.

Cockroaches eat stored foods and other materials.

They contaminate foods and food-handling areas with droppings, cast skins, regurgitation marks and odours caused by abdominal secretions.

As well, disease organisms of various kinds (bacterial, viral and protozoan) have been isolated from cockroach bodies and droppings. Infestations of cockroaches are generally regarded as a threat to human health. There are many types of pest cockroach but the most common to Northland are the German cockroach and the Gisborne cockroach.

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German & Gisborne Cockroaches

Our interior/exterior cockroach treatment is designed to prevent their entry via doors, windows and plumbing gaps.

German cockroaches are a light “smokey” brown colour tend to infest indoor environments such as kitchens, appliances and areas of warmth and moisture like your hot water cupboard. If left untreated they will increase to large numbers. German cockroaches are difficult to treat successfully and is best left to a professional pest control technician.

Gisborne Cockroaches (sometimes referred to as “native”, or “bush” cockroaches) are large, dark brown insects which usually inhabit external areas such as under decks, vegetation, woodpiles. They often gain entry via doors and windows left open or "hitchhike" on boxes or firewood. You will see these in small numbers, usually one or two here and there, usually in fairly close proximity to windows or doors, often found in bathrooms where a light and an opened window enables easy access.

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